Friday, January 18, 2013


I am sitting at work today being fairly well miserable. I am sick, and while I would be happier at home not sharing my germs, I don't really feel poorly enough to not be in the office. I just don't want to burn a sick day if I don't have to. To make matters worse I left my phone at the house this morning. So now I am miserably sick and I feel naked without my phone. Great way to end a crappy week.

I don't really want to leave this post all negative, but being sick doesn't lend itself to happy shiny thoughts. It mostly just leaves me coughing on my monitor. So since I can't come up with anything nice to say, I will leave you with some pictures of the husbeast.

Yes it is a bit of a cheat, but I am sick. Be happy with what you get.
- Sometimes we get birds in the chimney. They have in the last year or so learned how to get out of the fireplace even when the doors are shut. Trust me, coming home to a bird flying around the house is disturbing. The husbeast has gotten good at catching them, though in this case he may have been the one who was caught.

Really he was more amused by being able to catch the bird than anything else. I was just happy he got it before the cats managed to get it. They were all very disappointed that the husbeast was in the end the greatest hunter in the house.
- The husbeast may seem big and intimidating, but sometimes he is just a big softy. MuShu is very much his cat. From the first time he picked her up at the adoption station, she has had a thing about licking his nose. That is how we ended up knowing she was the one. It still turns him into a little kid when she does it.
 - Every year we go to a tour of the Ft. Worth zoo with our friend Dan. He used to be a zookeeper there and so he gives us a tour telling us about the animals and some amusing anecdotes about his time working with animals. After all it is better than losing a finger.

The tour always ends with the famous baby duck story. It is told in front of the bear exhibit which has this strange log feature. You can crawl in the log and look at the bears, and in theory they can crawl in the other side. It is small and cramped and there are giant metal grates and stuff between you and the bears.

If the husbeast doesn't fit, I fail to see how that big brown bear is going to squeeze into the tube either. 

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