Monday, August 8, 2011

*Cue Laughtrack*

Have you ever stopped to think that your life would make a pretty good sitcom? I am not sure that that is exactly an admirable quality in a life. I suppose it depends on what kind of sitcom you are looking at. If it is the wholly unbelievable absurd and stupid sort of sitcom, you might want to rethink your life choices (just saying). If it is, however, more of the quirky life throws weird crap at you sort of sitcom, then I don't think it is so bad.

My life would probably make for a very dull sort of television show in any category. I think that it might be able to come off as one of those intellectually understated witty sort of shows that you have no idea why you like it but it has top billing on your DVR. Or at least I like to pretend that I at least have that much going for me.

My friend Sharon (who is also one of my coworkers) pointed out today that if our lives were a sitcom, one of our office mates (whom we refer to as 'Legging girl') would be the perfect plot device for 'and then wackiness ensued' sort of story line.

You see legging girl wears the exact same pair of leggings every single day. Same style, same pattern, same everything. Every day no matter what else she is wearing, she has on these leggings. They aren't even sensible goes with everything sort of leggings. It is really weird. She is even wearing them now that it is 112 outside on a daily basis. It also is not an office thing, because I saw her at faire one day this past season, and she was wearing the leggings.

So we have been debating for the longest time whether it is actually just one pair of leggings, or a million pair of the same leggings. I say that if it were only one pair she would have worn them out long ago. You can't wear the same leggings every day without them wearing out pretty quickly. Plus washing those every day would be insane (and one would hope she was washing them daily if they are the only pair).

We are also fairly sure she is wearing a wig. I think her hair is actually an obnoxious shade of blue, which is against dress code. The hair we see at work is this fake burgundy sort of color, and her hair has this very doll hair like quality (as in its weirdly shiny and doesn't really move). To say this girl is an enigma and quite a point of interest in our boring office life, is an understatement.

Now if my life was a sitcom, me and my fellow office mates would devise some elaborate plan to break into her apartment and rummage around to find out if it was really one pair or multiple pair. Of course while we were inside she would come home and we would all end up trapped in her closet. Then much wackiness ensues.*

I am certain the reality of the situation is not nearly as cool or even bizarre as we make it out to be in our head. She could just be a really quirky dresser. She could have some hideous scars on her legs and only the leggings are comfortable covering them. The leggings might have been the last gift given to her by her dying mother/lover/neighbor/dog and she wears them out of memory of them. She may just have crap fashion sense. Who knows?

I just know that while we wont be breaking into her apartment or stalking her (in a harmless sitcom fashion or creepy obsessive fashion), we also are not going to ask her what is up with her fashion choice or her hair. I mean if we solve the mystery how will we entertain ourselves at work?

* Sharon actually came up with that scenario on her own. I can't take any real credit for it.

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