Thursday, August 4, 2011

Were you raised in a barn?

I realize that common courtesy is anything but common now days, but I can not help to have it grate on my last nerve to see people just blatantly be rude and inconsiderate. I am sure they do not realize their behavior is inappropriate (at least I hope they don't realize it because if they did they would then be inconsiderate asshats who were raised poorly, and I would like to give their mothers more credit than that). I am sure they just don't think that it is a big deal. It is a big deal. It really really is.

My cube is in this small area of the office which is actually off to one side. It is not in the major traffic area, it is just my little group mostly, and it is nice and quiet for the most part. It is almost an ideal location. Almost. You see there is also one of the major conference rooms for our floor in the back corner of our area. In fact the door is almost directly across from my cube. The conference room has a door on our side as well as a door on the far side of the room which leads almost directly into the break room.

Because this is one of the largest conference rooms there is a fairly constant flow of people coming and going from meetings. Also because the room is almost on top of the break room it is a common short cut for people too lazy to take the long way around to the break room.

These two facts would not bother me so much if when people went into or left the room they closed the door. When the door is closed most of the noise from the conference room and the hallway beyond is muffled. When the door is open however the room sort of amplifies the sounds from the hallway beyond, or if there is a meeting going on we can hear every single word being said. Turns out we really like quiet in our area.

There are actually signs posted on the doors asking that they remain closed at all times to help keep the noise volume to a minimum for the employees trying to work. Not there should have to be signs. I was taught growing up that if you walk into a room with a closed door, you should close the door behind you. Chances are it was closed for a reason.

Yet still people just walk through and leave the door hanging wide open.
If I don't want to listen to the noise I have to get up and shut the door. Not that it is far to go, but it is annoying that I have to do it. And it is always the same people who leave it open, and they have watched me get up and shut the door behind them. I have closed the door on meetings before because they were being so loud I couldn't concentrate. How rude can you be? I mean seriously?

All I am asking for is a little respect and common courtesy. I am not going to stand about outside your cube making noise or causing distractions, why oh why do you have to do it to me?

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