Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

I am doing much better today. My pity party is over and I am back to my happy shiny optimistic self. I know it is disgusting, but it is who I am. It just goes to prove that not everyone can be all rainbows and sunshine all the time.

I have to admit some of my faith in humanity has been restored by getting to spend time with my god daughters this weekend. The older of the two is almost four years old. She is such an amazingly sweet and smart little girl. She is full of questions (mostly about the color of objects) that are always very well thought out. She of course has more energy than any one child should have, but when the adults were worn out she was content to just snuggle with me on the couch.

Interestingly enough she is simultaneously fascinated by and terrified of my husband. He keeps asking her if she will hug him and the answer is always a very firm "No.". He knows it is nothing personal and he keeps trying. Some day she will say yes and it will just melt his heart.

My other god daughter is only 11 days old. She is all fresh and new. Mostly she has slept since we got here, but that is pretty much all babies of her newness really do. I got to hold her a good bit, which really is just good for the soul. We got the husband to hold her, despite his fear of holding tiny babies. She is not really all that tiny, but in his arms she looked really really tiny. Of course he makes me look tiny sometimes.

We don't get to see them that often since they live in Nacogdoches which is far from Dallas. It was good to see them though. Nothing like sweet babies to make the world seem brighter and shinier.

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