Thursday, August 4, 2011

Simple words

My husband and I like to send each other silly emails throughout the day to help maintain our sanity. Whether it is something as simple as talking about hating work, forgetting his phone at the house, if I left the dog outside in the heat again, or discussing the grocery list, which I would like to say is a one sided conversation that looks something like this:

Me: I am stopping by the store on the way home from the gym. Do you want/need anything?

Him: I want to buy some new mini's is that alright

Me: Yea sure you should have money on the card. Do you need anything from the store?

Him: How much can I spend.

Me: . The store...deodorant, toothpaste, cat/dog food, tea, lunch requests anything?

Him: I think we are out of cat food...yea...

Me: ...Right...

And then normally I come home to discover he has no razors or deodorant and the dog is out of food and his lunch supplies consist of the cookies he hates and has actively boycotted eating for 6 months and one can of tuna fish.

Sometimes we send silly emails that are completely random. For example today:

Me: (Sending him an email titled A Lament)
Alas..Plum juice...
Sticky again...

Him: Lucky plum

Or sometimes I will randomly nom him or sing him silly songs.

Sometimes though we can be incredibly sweet and schmoobly. He will send me notes telling me he loves me and I am his strength and other such things that make people a little queasy from the cuteness of it all. He has always been like this though. He loves sending me love notes, and writing me poetry, and buying me flowers for no reason whatsoever (no really, only for no reason. He refuses to buy flowers when he has been bad or for special occasions because he thinks they lose their meaning then).

Today while talking about our evening plans I mentioned that I had enough pennies and was going to pick up cheap fried chicken on my way home from the gym since he will be out all evening playing warhammer with the boys. His response was this:

Him: Remember when we had to count pennies for everything?

Hopefully we never end there again but our love of food started out of that, we could get small treats to make the day better.

You & Me vs World

Then I was all schmoobly and didn't really care that I was still all sticky and covered in plum juice.

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