Monday, November 9, 2015

A place to unwind

It is funny what you do not realize you want in life. You can be very sure of what is important to you until faced with an option and suddenly you are blindsided by your own desires. It is a very strange feeling when this happens.

When the husbeast and I began to casually look for houses we were fairly certain we knew what was important to us. The kitchen had to be a great kitchen because we are of the mind that a family revolves around the kitchen. There was no room in our world for a kitchen we could not cook huge meals in. This we knew.

We also knew that we wanted enough space for us and to grow our family. Kids are in the cards for us eventually and we don't want to be crowded once that starts happening. We also wanted the room to have our own space along with room to spawn. This we knew.

We knew we needed a yard big enough for the dogs. Until we spawn the dogs (and cats) are our babies. Nero and Rogue are big dogs and need plenty of space to run and play. A big yard was a necessity. This we knew.

What neither of us realized was that the master bathroom was important to us. We are not really bathroom people. I am not the type of girl who spends hours in there doing my hair and makeup. In general he spends more time in the bathroom primping than I do. It never occurred to us this would be a point of contention in buying a house.

Yet it was.

As we began looking at houses we became increasingly aware of how disappointed we were in all of the bathrooms we were seeing. On older houses they were small at best, originally designed for more efficiency than luxury in the price range we were in. On new builds, while the bathrooms were more spacious, they were obviously designed for average sized people. Neither of us is average size.

Oddly the biggest problem was a height issue. All of the shower doors (because everything had a walk in glass shower) were so short even I came close to hitting the top of the frame and I am only 5'10". The husbeast towers over me at 6'6", he was face planting all of them. The bathtubs were also tiny. The only people who would be able to enjoy a leisurely bath in those tubs couldn't have been more than 5'6". We are both bath sort of people and this made us sad.

It got to the point where if we walked into a house and the bathroom would not allow us to comfortably shower or bathe, we just left. It was really important to us which caught us off guard.

We knew that this was the house for us when they had the option for a free standing 72" pedestal tub and a walk in shower big enough for three people. It was like someone had read our minds and designed a house layout just for us.

Things did get dicey for a bit in the beginning. We had specified that the tub was a deal breaker for us but we were assured it would not be an issue. Turns out our builder was in the middle of changing systems when we signed off on the house and our tub was not an option in the new system. We were told we may not be able to get the tub and we threatened to walk.

Fortune was on our side (as well as an amazing sales lady who negotiated for our tub while on vacation at Disney) and we did get our tub. The husbeast was so excited about it that when they delivered the tub, before they installed it, he ripped open the cellophane and crawled in to make sure
he fit. Spoiler, he did.

 The tub, and the bathroom is amazing. Every aspect of the room is designed to feel almost opulent; from the domed cathedral ceiling, to the arching windows, to the dark emperador marble, it just feels like a room you are meant to be pampered in.

Many of our friends have expressed great envy at our tub. Many of our friends have also asked if we will rent out our tub by the hour so they might stretch out and have a bit of a soak. They were only half joking.

As for me, I have taken more long soaking baths in the three months we have lived here than I have in the 15 years I have been with the husbeast. I don't think I have taken this many honest to goodness baths since I was a little girl. It is glorious.

In fact I am blogging from the tub right now. Scalding hot water is soothing my sore muscles while soft foamy mountains of lavender honey scented bubbles bob around me. It is pure heaven.

Now the only problem I have is pruny toes from soaking too long. What a terrible life I lead.

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