Tuesday, November 24, 2015


My oldest cat is running around the living room making the strange cooing noises he makes when he is content or annoyed at something. At 14 years old I am not certain he really is sure any longer if he is upset about things or happy about them. I think he is just content to make whatever noises he likes when he likes. He is the equivalent of an octogenarian now, so I give him a lot of freedom to do what he likes.

My youngest cat is curled up behind my neck sleeping. I know she is asleep because there is a distinct lack of purring coming from her. She has the loudest purr I have ever heard, and seemingly only stops when she is truly asleep. Every once in a while her tail flicks with a mind of its own, coming around to swat my cheek. I find this endearing and a little annoying. For the umpteenth time I remind myself that it is a good thing that tiny ball of fluff is so damn cute.

The husbeast has gone upstairs to play on his computer and decompress before bed. The dogs went with him and are most likely laying on his feet snoring. They are both really good at keeping your feet warm whether you want them to or not. It is sweet though after a while a 100lb dog on your foot can become uncomfortable. Thankfully they are fairly heavy sleepers and you can usually extract your foot without waking them (or your foot) up.

This is a typical quiet evening in our home. This is the type of moment we have missed out on these many months while construction ate our lives. Moments of quiet with our little fur family and our own thoughts. Moments that make all the crazy worth while.

I hope you all have your moments too. Moments are the best.

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