Monday, November 16, 2015

Be Excellent

Sometimes you don't need fancy words to get the point across. Sometimes you just need to say things simply and it is enough. That is the thought behind today's post.

In the words of Bill and Ted, two very simple men, I say unto you my minions, be excellent to one another.

Do not make qualifiers. Do not make exceptions. Do not make judgments.

Just simply be kind and good to your fellow man. Everyone is suffering in their own way, and everyone's suffering is valid. Do not hold one man's pain over another's because to each man their suffering is the most excruciating. 

Just because there is suffering at home does not mean that we can not show compassion to those who suffer afar. Offer your right hand to your neighbors and your left to your distant cousin; you have two hands to use and enough heart for all.

Do not sit idly by and speak words of outrage and use pictures of those less fortunate as the vase for your soap box. Instead lift up those who you would use as an example and be an example for those who would follow you. Open yourself to all those who would benefit from your kindness.

Remember that kindness is shown in many ways and you are not limited by wealth or station. Each of us has the capacity for good and the ability to effect change. Do what it is you can do and be the start of the good in this world.

Be blind to the things that would limit you. Do not see a person's gender, religion, politics, nationality, age, orientation, or anything else. Simply see another human who needs the good in you.

Go my minions. Go and be excellent to your fellow man. The world certainly is in need of it just now.

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