Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The day of the Husbeast!

Today is the day of the husbeast and for this we shall rejoice!!

I am told that when he was born many years ago in New Orleans that the doctor looked at his mother and told her 'Congratulations, you had a moose.' due to the fact that he was nearly 2 feet long and over 13 inches at the shoulder. He never really stopped being big, and I am alright with this. He is my big strong husbeast and I love him.

So since today is his day I thought I would share some things about him that I love.

- Despite being a large man he is amazingly gentle and is good with working with delicate things. It is a dichotomy most would not expect out of him.

- He is so incredibly silly and has no problem being silly for the world to see.

- He always knows how to make me smile, and makes it his mission in life to keep me smiling.

- He may be horribly forgetful, but he always remembers the really important things like kissing me goodnight.

- He tells great stories and has plenty of them to tell. There is always something for him to talk about.

- He is an amazing cook. From his gumbo to the best steak you  have ever had, he will not disappoint.

- He quietly tolerates my shows and movies.

- He is passionate about the things he loves.

- He is loyal to those he has claimed as his own.

- He still finds wonder and amazement in the world despite everything else.

- He never thinks inside the box. I don't think he even knows where the box is anymore. I think he discarded it so long ago that he couldn't go back to thinking so small if he tried.

- He is always trying to learn and grow.

This is just a short list, and doesn't really begin to cover how amazing he is. I am not sure I really have the words to say all the things I think about him. He is my wonderful loving gentle giant. He is my knight. He is my husbeast and I love him more than words can say.

Happy birthday beast!

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