Saturday, November 21, 2015

Things overheard at Faire: Geek edition

- A man dressed like a grizzly bear walks into the shop and jokingly a Coworker approaches him with a knife

Coworker: Sir, sir don't move there is a bear trying to eat you.

Man: No it is all good this was a consensual TonToning.

- We have a Sword of Omens (the sword from Thundercats) that lights up. One of my coworkers insists that when people hold it they quote the cartoon in some way.

Coworker: You have to say a line from the show like "Thundercats, Thundercats, Thundercats HO!"

Customer: (Takes the sword in hand) Snarf Snarf snarf.

Coworker: ..... Damn it I can't complain because that is actually from the show.

- Woman comes in wearing a TARDIS dress. Another customer who is a little tipsy starts talking to her about it.

Woman: (holds up a hand after he says nice dress) If you are going to make a bigger on the inside comment you will never find out the truth of that statement.

Man: (thinks for a moment) If I call you 'sexy' can I find out?

Woman: Alonsy

Man: Geronimo

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