Thursday, November 1, 2012

All I got was a rock

Actually all I got for Halloween was a really really nasty stomach virus. Here I am nearly 32 hours later and I still feel awful. I have to assume that this is the same stomach bug the husbeast had last week.

Trust me it is never a good thing when I catch something from him. The first time I caught a cold from him the doctor was sure I had mono or strep. Of course I tend to think that doctor was an idiot since I wasn't really exhibiting any symptoms for either of those.

So I missed Halloween altogether which makes me really sad. It is probably one of my favorite days of the year. We actually had trick or treaters this year and I didn't get to see any of them. Also the husbeast bought the candy which means he bought stuff I don't like. I suppose it is better for me that way.

I can remember when I was a little how much I looked forward to Halloween. The costumes were really my favorite part. I mean the candy was great too, but I loved getting to play dress up. There is an adorable picture somewhere of me on my first Halloween dressed as a clown. It took my mom forever to gather what little hair I had together into a little wispy nub so she could put the little pom pom on my head.

I remember when we got older that I was terribly disappointed that we were too old for trick or treating. There were still excuse to dress up, but it somehow didn't feel the same. When we took our younger sisters trick or treating we always dressed up too. We weren't those teenagers in jeans and t-shirts expecting to get candy because we were there.

Now that I am an adult dressing up for Halloween almost never happens. A lot of times I am at faire during Halloween so there is that. Otherwise there aren't a lot of reasons to dress up. If there is the off chance someone throws a party that is a reason, but there hasn't been a party in many years now.

I think next year I need to make an effort to actually have a Halloween costume and dress up. I enjoy it to much to not dress up. Oh and I need to work on not being sick too.

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  1. I don't think anyone is ever too old to dress up, unless they believe that in their mind! I have a box of bits and pieces of Halloween costumes worn through the years, including parts that I have worn when I was young. Little Bo Peep, Clowns, Hobos, Monsters of sorts, lots of Halloween memories in that box, and I plan on adding to it until the end. Then it gets passed onto you, who I am sure, will continue to add to the box. Halloween is safe with you, always :)