Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The long wait

The day before the long Thanksgiving holiday has arrived and with it comes a scorching case of the I-don't-wannas. My mind is filled with all of the delicious thoughts of the days ahead. I am not just talking about food either. I am thinking of sleeping in and laying about watching my shows. Also lots of tasty food, but that sort of goes without saying for Thanksgiving.

Alas I am stuck in the office today just waiting for my vacation to begin. It is sort of needless to say that there is no work really happening in my office today. There is hardly anyone in the building, and from the sound of chatter going on in the far corners of the office I would say that those who are here are not working any harder than I am.

I often wonder why they bother opening an office the day before a major holiday. No one is working because they can't focus for the sheer joy of a vacation. It is a fairly universal truth that this day is made for slacking. Why not save the electricity and just let everyone go?

Of course if that were the case then the day before would simply take on this role. If you gave everyone the day before Thanksgiving off then the Tuesday before would turn into the universal slack day. I think then it might even be worse because people then have a five day holiday in front of them. Also a two day work week is just dumb.

I am eagerly waiting to see whether or not we will get an early release today. It is typical that they let us go early. Some years it is 30 minutes early. Some years it is 3 hours early. I am hoping on the latter this year. Also this year my supervisor is out of the office. He took the whole week off. The last time this happened my group was forgotten in the early release process. I am hoping this is not the case again.

So here I sit, fidgeting and trying to kill time until I can go home. No work will get done since I can't really make myself focus.Well I mean focus on work that is. Focusing on turkey induced comas to come is very easy to do.

Mmm turkey.

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