Saturday, November 17, 2012

Quick comment on the cold

The internet is super spotty tonight so I am typing this as fast as possible to try and post it before I lose connection again.

It has finally become cold outside. Fall in Texas happens for all of a month and then we go straight into winter, which in truth only lasts a couple of months if we are lucky. We then go into a very short blustery spring and then straight into summer which lasts for most of the year.

I love the heat quite honestly. I am just not built for the cold. I am sure it has its good points, but I don't really see them. I doubt I will ever move anywhere that has a real winter. This southern girl would just not be able to adjust.

So I will bundle up in my bunk here in a minute and enjoy the fact that this is as cold as it is likely to get, and it will be gone before it really sets in.

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