Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holiday week woes

Thanksgiving week is upon us and I am struck by how I am both happy and annoyed by the prospect of a short week at work. One would think that only working threeish days would be wonderful, and it is really nice on one hand. On the other hand it can be a huge hassle.

Since my job involves putting the data in our databases for the clients, we do a lot of weekly maintenance. There are all sorts of things that have to happen every week. Most of these tasks are spread out over five days, so you can imagine that suddenly only having three days is an issue.

There are a lot of things that simply won't happen during this week. Most of it will just be pushed off until the week after without much thought. The thing is though that data sort of compounds. When you try and do two weeks worth in one week everything gets pushed back just a little. It is a minute thing, but it really adds up eventually.

By the time we get all the wrinkles smoothed out it will be Christmas and we will be facing the same problem all over again. Of course Christmas has the added bonus of a New Year holiday following it the next week which makes the end of the year particularly frustrating in the land of work.

Also there is the fact that we work on Wednesday. Every year we are told that we will be allowed to leave early. No one is really doing any work on the day before Thanksgiving. Most people took it off if they had the PTO. Those of us stuck in the office shouldn't be forced to suffer. We have places to go and turkeys to cook.

Every year it is sort of a crap shoot as to what they consider early release. I know we have at least once gotten out three hour early. I know more than once though we have been let out a mere 30 minutes early. I know I shouldn't complain about it, but seriously? Half an hour? That is almost insulting really.

Still no matter what time they let me go on Wednesday I will still have two full days off. Ok I will have one full day off and then three days of work at faire for our final weekend. Still it is something. I know people that will be working their real jobs on Friday and the just sucks.

I am thankful for the job I have and the holiday schedule they keep.

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