Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The post that got away from me

I just wrote an entire post about music and erased it. I realized in the end that I was being really cranky and I shouldn't inflict that upon all of you. No one needs to see that, trust me. Of course it does leave me with the quandary of what to post  now.

If I write one post that comes out cranky it is pretty much a guarantee that anything I write is going to come across like that. It is a state of mind that is hard to shake. Once I get like this I can't help but to let it bleed into other things, like my writing.

I am hoping to shake this funk off by the end of work since I have plans tonight. The kid and I are going to go bra and dress shopping for a friends wedding next week. Well the bra shopping is incidental to the wedding. I just need new bras. Really it has nothing to do with the wedding. In fact I already have my dress, I just need to find a wrap. She needs a dress. And bras.

I suppose you have to be a woman to really get the significance of bra shopping. It is an especially big deal if you are not a standard size. As my friend B says my bras are not sewn but engineered by the Naval core of engineers. Sometimes I think she may be right. Seriously when you start getting into the mid range of the alphabet to size your bra it is a whole new ball game.

I am more than a little jealous of women who can walk into a Victoria Secret or hell even a Target and buy a bra right off the shelf. I was in high school the last time that happened. High school people. I passed my ten year reunion almost 4 years ago. That is a long time.

Still I am thankful that there are specialty shops that exist so I can buy bras that fit and are attractive. I hate that apparently it is assumed if you have really big boobs you don't want cute or sexy bras. What the hell is that all about?

It is sort of like how apparently if you are fat you also have a huge ass. So very not true. I am here to tell you I only got the T portion of the T&A scenario. Also might I say that being heavy is not why I have big boobs. I was a very full DD (probably closer to a DDD or E honestly if I had ever bothered to be fitted) when I was a size 10. I am never going to lack in the boob department, even if I was starving to death.

And somehow this post go away from me and I have had a rant about bras and boobs. I really didn't mean for that to happen, but there you have it. It is at least not cranky right? It is just, well not really what I was expecting to write about. What can I say, boobs happen.

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