Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday mornings

Sunday mornings are some of my favorites. There is a quiet that is only found on Sunday mornings. There is a peace that is only found there.

Saturdays are decadent. For most of the world a Saturday is the first day off they have had all week. There has been great anticipation of the Saturday. People languish in the laziness of a Saturday. They sleep in well past that which they should. They lay about much longer than they should. They are simply decadent in their nothingness.

Saturday mornings are known for sugary cereals and cartoons. Saturday mornings are for hangovers. Saturday mornings are an event.

Sundays though are unassuming. Sunday mornings are mornings of sleeping just enough. Sunday mornings are for family breakfasts. They are made for snuggles under the covers. They are made for warm drinks and reading a book.

There is no stress or excitement of the weekend. There is only cherishing the last peaceful moments of the weekend before the week begins all over again. The morning is for just being before the business of the day gets under way.

I love Sunday mornings.

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