Sunday, November 20, 2011

Adventures in Ikea

I have just a small DVD problem. By small I mean well over 300 DVDs. What? I like movies.

Sadly this proves to be a problem when it comes to storage. At first our entertainment center was fine, but then I found that the small amount of space was not nearly enough. I bought a couple or little storage units from Target which were adequate for my needs. Then Christmas came around that year. I added in two more of the little storage shelves and again had enough room. For a while this situation worked.

The problem I had mostly was that the units I bought were not meant for DVDs. They fit in there but the amount of extra space was a bit silly. As my collection grew I found I needed to shove DVDs in a odd angels. Since the shelf space was really deep I kept losing DVDs to the space behind the other DVDs. It was an issue.

Then I started running out of space again.
Like I said, a small problem.

I have been looking around trying to find a better solution. Sadly for the space we have there isn't a good solution. All the DVD shelves are either too big, or won't come close to holding all of my DVDs. So I did the only thing I could do. I went to Ikea.

I find Ikea to be a very strange place. I mean for one it is HUGE. I mean seriously they have a restaurant, a day care, and arrows on the floor to lead you out in case you get lost. That is far too big really. Then you have to write down the item number and where to find it in the warehouse like some sort of secret code.

Honestly I think the furniture at Ikea is, well crap. I mean it is high end crap, but it is just barely real furniture. Particle board is not real wood. It is not too expensive, but it is not cheap by any means. It is not going to fall apart in six months, but it is not going to last forever.

In the end though all I am looking for is something to hold my DVDs that doesn't look like it belongs in a college apartment. Ikea furniture fits all of those requirements.

We spent the better part of an hour navigating through the mega complex. There was an over abundance of families with small children running around screaming. There seemed to be a large number of older people looking at furniture and standing about in the aisles blocking the way. I also noted that most everyone we came across was not speaking English. It was very odd.

In the end we walked away with 3 DVD cases for me and a bookshelf for the kid. She and I spent an hour and half putting them together and then I spent nearly as long trying to reorganize my collection.

It looks very nice and it fulfills my needs. For now.
But not for long.


  1. We have a similar problem, although I don't have as many DVDs as you. They're just crammed in any old how at the moment :-)

  2. Best Buy sells this shelf unit that I just love, I actually have two, one that holds all our dvds, and one that holds all our paperback books. (Blu-rays have their own smaller unit and Hard back books are on actual oak bookshelves). But I understand the too many dvd thing...