Saturday, November 5, 2011

That will wake you up in the morning

I am not really a cold sort of person. I was born and raised in Texas, tolerance for oppressive heat is in my DNA. Tolerance for cold however, not so much. Now I am a rational human and I like my temperatures in the mid 70's, but I can stand the heat if I have to, which, lets face it in Texas, you have to.

Tis the season though for the cold. Our temperatures started to drop last week, and we have now woken up to frosty rooftops on more than one occasion. I suppose winter is creeping in already. I am so not prepared for this sort of weather.

This morning I lay all snuggled up under our fluffy white down comforter that we unearthed from the top of the linen closet a couple of weeks ago, and all I could think was 'Don't wanna!'. I didn't want to get out of bed because I knew it would be cold. It was less than 40 outside and we have not turned on the heater yet. Add that to the husbeasts need to have the ceiling fan on full blast, and it is really damn chilly in our room.

The only small consolation to getting up is that we have carpet in the bedroom. I don't miss the hardwood laminate floors for a multitude of reasons, but I most certainly don't miss them at all on a cold morning. Floors and cold air against my bare skin are not the only downfalls to getting out of my snuggly warm bed.

Let us look at the bathroom. First there are no carpets in the bathroom, just cold tile across my bare feet. Then there is the toilet. Someday I want to be rich enough to have a heated toilet seat in the winter. I mean really, ice cold porcelain* on the tushy before you are full awake. Yea that will open your eyes.

Then you turn on the shower. Now we replaced the water heater back in July and we haven't gotten the temperature correctly adjusted yet. The water never gets as hot as I would like it to get. In fact this morning I had it turned all the way to the extreme side of hot, and it was completely tolerable. At that spot on the knob I should be scalding my flesh.

Eventually though you have to get out of the nice steamy warm shower and back into the cold bathroom. Our bathroom has no doors on it. It just leads directly into the bedroom, so there is no warm pocket of steamy air being produced while I shower. In fact that stupid ceiling fan sucks all the hot air out of the bathroom and destroys and vestiges of warmth I had. Wet + cold air = cranky me.

So while I don't particularly miss it being so hot outside that I can't get cold water out of my tap, or that it melts the glue that holds my sneakers together while my shoes sit in my gym bag in the car, I do miss being able to wake up in the morning and not being shocked awake by frigid air and cold porcelain.

*Lots of parks use stainless steel toilets. There is nothing more agonizing than sitting on one of those when it has been below freezing for over a week.

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