Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Ren Faire style

Several years ago the owners of the Texas Renaissance Festival decided it would be a great idea, ie. lucrative, to run the faire the weekend after Thanksgiving as well as the Friday. I guess they thought somehow they could get in on some of the Black Friday insanity.

Mostly it is just incredibly annoying for those of us who have to be here and work it. We mostly can not have a Thanksgiving with our families because we have to be here for work on Friday. We also will never get to partake in the crazy Black Friday sales. I do not personally want to do that sort of shopping but I would like to see my family on Thanksgiving every once in a while.

Still I chose to do Faire and so I knew what I was signing up for. I grumbled a little as we mostly skipped Thursday festivities, and again this morning when I was awake at 7 am to work, but I was not too upset. I can deal with it, I am a big girl after all.

Actually the crowds were mostly calm. There were a lot of people but for the most part they didn't want anything from us. They spent just enough money to make being here today worth our while, but only barely. We of course have two more days and might not make out that well in the end. Only time will tell.

As I sit surrounded by my friends and faire family, laughing chatting, and eating as we relax I had to stop and think. If I was not doing faire I would have gone and had a nice dinner with my family but after that I would have probably spent the rest of the weekend watching TV and doing nothing else. If I was lucky I might have seen some family. Now I get to spend four days surrounded by people I love and basking in the wonderful camaraderie that comes with faire.

I suppose in the end when I think about it this is not such a bad deal after all.
Life is good.

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