Friday, November 18, 2011


I am a creature of habit. I wouldn't say I am so mired down in my routine that I can not change things up without things coming crashing down around me. Still I like things to happen in a particular order. Once I get it into my system to do things a certain way, I want to do them in that way.

This weekend two very dear friends of mine are getting married. I am so very excited for them, and so very happy to be able to attend their wedding to help celebrate this moment in their lives. That is what weddings are about for me, sharing that moment with those closest to you.

Attending the wedding throws off my normal routine in a big way. We are still in the middle of the run of faire but I will not be going this weekend at all. My brain both knows this fact and can not accept this fact at the same time. It is like there is a mini war happening inside my head.

On one hand I am making lists and plans for tomorrows event. I keep reminding myself I need to try and find cream colored tights, I need to see what happened to my flattening iron after the trip last week, I need to make sure the husbeasts clothes are all together, I need to pick up the gift, I need to get directions, coordinate with our kid for the carpool, figure out where we are going to dinner later (it is an early afternoon wedding), and all sorts of other last minute details.

At the same time my brain keeps running through the faire prep checklist. I have moments of panic when I realize that I haven't finished doing the faire laundry and costume repairs. I keep trying to write a grocery list for faire food. I keep looking at the clock wondering if I can get out a few minutes early so we can leave town earlier.

I don't know how to make my brain focus on what is actually happening this weekend instead of what normally would be happening this weekend. My routine is broken, and my brain won't stop panicking from it. Stupid brain.


  1. Hee. When life moves your cheese...just get a cracker and follow along.

  2. Sounds like me. I spend so long learning all the parts to a routine that it throws me off when things change.

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the wedding.