Monday, November 14, 2011


I went away for a week which is a great thing and also a not so great thing. Being away from work for a week means a weeks worth of work will pile up. It means that all of the things I normally do have to be done by other people. It means I have to figure out how they jacked up my stuff and fix it.

Or not.

I came back to work this morning to find three things:

1) They did some construction while I was gone and my area is now almost completely walled in. I had to search for a way to get to my cube. I feel like I am in some sort of corporate Edgar Allen Poe story. This construction crew was not as concerned about covering our stuff in drywall dust as the last crew was. Everything on my desk is now white. I wish I had thought to put my water cup away before I left

B) The break room is still not completely operational after the water heater exploded two weeks ago. I also am not completely sure how to get there now with this new construction.

Thing the final) NOTHING GOT DONE!!

No really nothing was done. My manager is not in yet for me to confirm, but it pretty much looks like nothing happened. The new tracking spreadsheets were not made last week, the new download wasn't processed in any of the spreadsheets or databases, nothing got updated, and I am not even sure we released what the other DA's processed.

I can't decide if it is more frustrating to come back and have nothing done or have to come back and fix someones poor attempt to do my job. I hate doing something twice, so I suppose we will go with it is better that they did nothing at all.

Still if my job is something that no one else can do, I am obviously more of an asset than they think I am. I so deserve a raise.

Oh well, back to the salt mines.

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