Saturday, November 19, 2011

And they lived happily ever after...with dinosaurs

For a very long time after I got married I had trouble going to weddings. My own wedding was more like a horror story and less like the fairy tale I had envisioned since I was a little girl. I had, and probably still have, a lot of tulle and fondant fueled bitterness.

It made it very hard to go to other peoples lovely picturesque weddings and not feel somewhat indignant. That is not how you are supposed to be on the happiest day of your loved ones lives. I would be angry and bitter which in turn made me feel incredibly guilty.

Then one day it stopped. I was part of my wonderful Toni's wedding, and somehow things were different. I was lost in the magic and the happiness of it all. I found their joy and could be nothing but happy for them. Since then I found the joy again.

Today was the wedding of two very dear friends of mine. The wedding was lovely. There was laughter and there were tears of joy and dinosaurs which caused us to laugh and to cry. It was a union of two wonderful people, and a reaffirmation of the love that so many of us share with another.

I am so amazingly happy for my friends. I am happy that they found one another, I am happy that they can share their love forever, and I am happy I got to share that moment with them.

I hope that they live happily ever after to become old dinosaurs together.


  1. I'm glad you had a wonderful time. Your wedding sounds as much fun as mine was :-)

  2. So sweet! I'm sorry you have such bad memories of your own wedding...that's awful. Maybe you can do a renewal some day and replace those memories with better ones.