Thursday, November 17, 2011


One of the biggest problems with having a lovely vacation is that eventually you have to return to reality. You have to come back to your real life and your job and somehow everything seems to be a little more muted a little more gray and dingy. Compared to the euphoric high of your vacation, everything else sort of sucks.

It is not that I am displeased with my life...
Have you noticed I seem to say that a lot? I just realized if I went back and read past posts I would find that phrase at least half a dozen times. I wonder what that really says about me. And I all that satisfied if I have to keep pointing out that I am satisfied?

You see this is the danger. All of that wonderful happy vacation time makes everything you are used to look harsh in the light of reality as you still are looking through the rose tinted glasses of time off. Work seems that much more annoying. Daily tasks seem that much more tedious. Normal happenings seem that much more mundane.

It is easy to get lost in fantasy and pipe dreams when you are sitting in your cold gray cube thinking about warm river air and bright neon light. It is hard not to let yourself get sucked back into the memories that are still so fresh in your mind.

But it is not that I am displeased with my life...

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  1. That's a bit like my phrase, 'I'm really happy, but ...'