Monday, November 21, 2011

Cube sweet Cube

When you spend eight hours a day five days a week in one place, it becomes rather important to make that space comfortable and welcoming. I find for sanity reasons that my cube can not simply be gray walls to stare at all day long.

Since I started working in the office I am currently at I have worked very hard to make my cube into a space I am comfortable in. I have tried to surround myself with things I find interesting and distracting from the drabness of the cube. Mostly it is cartoons that most of my coworkers don't understand along with some fun kitche I have collected over the years. It is uniquely me.

We moved to a new building over the weekend. I had to carefully take down all of my things and box them up so they could move with me. Our new cubes are different than the old ones. They are much more open which is not pleasing anyone. We are a bunch of QA and developers, we like our privacy it turns out. The walls are an off white color with some strange white design that makes me think of bacteria that I had to examine under a microscope in 9th grade biology.

I took almost 2 hours this morning fixing my cube. I had actually taken pictures with my phone of my old cube so that I knew where to put things. I spent a long time getting them where I liked, I really wasn't about to go and change everything up. Consistency is something I find comforting. It is a little less jarring being in a new place when everything looks mostly the same.

It is still new and foreign to me. I keep banging my knee into the filing cabinet because it is on the left instead of the right. I keep missing the trash can because it is a few feet further away than it was before. I keep getting distracted because there is no longer a bookshelf over my monitor.

Still I am surrounded by my familiar things. The bunnies and camels are all still around me and that is comforting. I think this will work out nicely.

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