Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I love you, I hate you

10 random stupid things that piss me off:

1. Leaving a wet sponge in the sink. Seriously how much effort does it take to squeeze it out and put it on the edge. Soppy sponges get really gross really fast. Not to mention when you leave them in the sink they have a tendency to get covered in all manner of things which in turn make them fairly useless in the whole cleaning process.

2. Leaving cabinet doors or drawers open. Again, how hard is it to just close them?

3. Leaving the TV on when you leave the house. No one is there to watch it, turn it off. In fact if you leave the room for any length of time with no intention of coming back to watch the thing, turn it off.

4. Riding the elevator to the second floor in a three story building. This one especially gets me when they are going downstairs. It is even worse when they are obviously in perfectly good shape to walk the stairs and are unencumbered.

5. Standing in the middle of an aisle at the story making it impossible for anyone to get around you. Step to the side and be aware of your surroundings people. You aren't the only people in the world.

6. People who obviously have no idea what the difference between an outside and an inside voice are. How did they not flunk out of kindergarten?

7. Assuming I am a secretary for anyone. I have no idea where the guy who sits behind me went or when he will get back or what he has been doing. In fact I try not to even look at him so no I will not deliver him a message. Send him an email or a text or an inter office IM like a normal person would.

8. Treating people in the service industry poorly. Be mean to a waitress and I hope that they spit in your food. These people are working for a living and you know most of the time when I see someone treating them badly, they are being mean to the good ones. These are human beings. Try a little respect.

9. Service people who treat you customers like crap. It is a two way street here people. Yea your job probably sucks and people treat you poorly, but it is your job. If you hate working with the public that much try and find another job and don't take it out on your customers.

10. People who say the phrase 'Suck it up'. It makes me want to kick them in the teeth. Find a more diplomatic way to get that sentiment across.

And now 10 random things that make me happy:

1. Warm socks out of the dryer.

2. The smell of a fabric store.

3. Swimming in a summer rain shower. I know that is dangerous but I still like it.

4. Brand new notebooks and pens.

5. Baking.

6. Snuggling.

7. Laying on my back in the grass staring at the blue sky through the branches of a shade tree.

8. The husbeast acting silly just to make me smile.

9. Laughter of loved ones across a dinner table.

10. Good cheese.

I was much more verbose about things that piss me off than things that make me happy. I suppose happiness really doesn't need explanation.

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