Friday, November 22, 2013

Baking imperative

So there should totally be a post here today, but I didn't write one. Seeing as how we are jumping in the car to drive to faire in an hour and I still have to pack, I don't really have time to write a post. I have a good excuse though.

Those lovelies are little apple hand pies. I made almost two dozen of them this afternoon because I had to. I don't mean I had any pressing thing that required pies, I just had to. It is finally cold outside and my reaction to the cold is to bake. It is an imperative.

So I left work early, stopped by the grocery store, and spent the next couple of hours baking. Because it is cold and when it is cold you bake. Right?

Well whether you think it is weird or not I think it is delightful. My soul (and my tummy) are now soothed. Now to figure out how to pack them for transport to faire.

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