Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Final Countdown

I was looking at my calendar today and I realized something; it is 7 weeks to the day until New Years Day. Yes that also means that it is 6 weeks to the day until Christmas (if you are starting to panic after that nugget of truth, you are welcome) but while that day is exciting, it is not the day I am looking forward to. This year I am focused on New Years.

Now for me New Years (January 1st) is only the calendar start of a new year. Being Pagan I actually celebrate the new year at Samhain, which is around Halloween. For me that is when we let go of the old, say goodbye to the past, and start fresh on a new year. It is a pretty cool thing and by far my favorite holiday.

Of course this has never stopped me from celebrating the turning of the year come January 1st. I will gather with my loved ones on December 31st, stay up until midnight, toast with champagne, and kiss the husbeast amid sounds of horns and cheers and Auld Lang Syne. Come the next morning I will inevitably rise earlier than I like and bundle up to go to the zoo, because that is what we do on New Years Day (and it is better than losing a finger).

This year though it is something a little more for me. Yes there will be friends and midnight kisses. Yes this year there will be the zoo full of our boys enraging gorillas and tales of the mighty baby duck. Yes this year will be like many others, but for me the end of the year is not the only time line ending.

I can't really go into detail right now for many reasons. What I can say is that there is a deadline in my life and it expires at the end of this year. Come January 2nd if the deadline has not been met I get to start out on a new adventure.

Now do not fret my minions. This is not anything bad. This is actually something very good. If the deadline is met, it is a good thing. If the deadline is missed, I think it is a good thing as well. Actually part of me hopes they miss their deadline so I can be free to start a new adventure. I have no idea what this new adventure will be, I only know that it will be an adventure for sure.

Seven weeks and a day from now my life may change. It will be a New Year to remember for sure.
Let the countdown begin.

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