Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lucky girl

My mother used to tell me that when I found myself a man I should make sure that he could cook. She also said that spaghetti that consisted of opening a can and boiling noodles did not count as cooking. If they said they could cook spaghetti then make sure they can cook something else as well. I married a Cajun who has opened multiple restaurants and cooked in several others; I win.

There are many things that he cooks beautifully but the things I will sing the praises of forever are his steaks and his gumbo. Seriously he makes the best steak I have ever eaten. We had our friend Dan and his wife K over for steaks one night and Dan insisted on a moment of silence because the steak was so good. Two entire biker gangs once drove all the way across Texas to decide who had the better steak; Jessie won.

The gumbo is also amazing. Now I came from a family where we ate gumbo for Christmas Eve dinner and I never in my life ate a single bite of it. The thing is I do not eat seafood and we always had seafood gumbo. The husbeast was the first person to ever make me chicken and sausage only gumbo. It was a life altering experience.

Once a year at TRF the husbeast will make a big pot of gumbo and crawfish pie for the shop. Once a year everyone in the shop waits with spoons ready for him to walk out of the kitchen and declare dinner is ready. Once a year they are ready to stab each other for a chance to get some of his delicious delicious food.

Tonight was gumbo night. Tonight the only sound coming from the shop crew was the sound of forks scraping across empty bowls and happy contented sighs from everyone. Tonight everyone is fat, happy, and full.

I am such a lucky girl.

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