Sunday, November 10, 2013

Things people say

Conversation at faire:

Patron walks into my shop.

Me: Good day!
Patron: I am just looking.
Me: I just said hello.
Patron: I am not buying just looking.
Me: That is fine. I was still just saying hello.

This happens all the time.

Patron looks at a pair of earrings with a fake moonshine.

Patron: What stone is this?
Me: Synthetic moonstone.
Patron: What is that?
Me: It is a fake moonstone, basically glass.
Patron: So it isn't real?
Me: Well it is real glass.
Patron: I don't understand.
Me: I am not surprised.

This happens a lot too.


  1. LOL! I think you should write a comedy that takes place at a renaissance faire! You have such great material to work with!

  2. No kidding. If only I could remember all the crazy things people say and do. I really need to record it all somehow.