Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday plans

Sundays are the hardest day for me to write on during faire season. I wake up early for faire, work all day, and as soon as work ends I jump in a car and drive the 3 hours home so I can immediately crawl into bed and go to sleep (which is normally at an hour that makes it technically Monday). That really doesn't leave time to write a post.

As I see it I have a few options.

A) I can cheat and write a post the day before or during the week and just schedule it to post Sunday.
B) I can stay up late Saturday and then just wait for midnight so I can technically post on Sunday.
C) I can post something super simple from my phone.

I am reluctant to use choice A because it really does feel like cheating to me. I said I was going to do this thing and if I just have a bunch of posts sitting around in a queue that really isn't writing a post every day for a month. That is just mastering the schedule button in my sidebar.  Also I am rubbish with the schedule button in my sidebar.

I am reluctant to choose option B because I have trouble staying up late on Saturday and then being functional on Sunday. I require a lot of sleep and honestly faire is one of the few places where I always get a good night of restful sleep. I take advantage of it as much as possible. This option is not really cheating but not totally viable.

Option C seems like the best option really. It is not cheating in any way. Low content is not a deal breaker. It is not throwing off my sleep or work schedule at all which is a huge positive in my world. It is also something I think I can remember to do.

Now all I have to do is come up with a clever and easy format for Sunday posting. I will most likely choose to make lists of some sort. Perhaps lists of weird things I saw or heard at faire as those can often be amusing and simple. I like both of those things.

Obviously this week I chose option B, but tune in next Sunday to see what clever thing I come up with that I can post from my phone. Hell tune in next Sunday to see if I can actually make a post form my phone. I will be just as surprised as you.

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