Monday, November 25, 2013

Cold day blues

*This was set to post yesterday. We were having spotty internet service and were so concerned about the weather that I wrote a post to autopost on Sunday so I wouldn't miss a day. I have no idea why it didn't post, I just know that I logged in this morning and it was still sitting in draft state. Technology is not always my friend. So a day late but with the best intentions.*

When it comes to a renaissance festival you really want the weather to be nice. No one really wants to go walk around outside when it is too hot, too cold, too wet, or a combination of any of those. I mean I am sure there are people who like to run around in bad weather, but I am fairly certain that they are the exception and not the rule.

When we have heavy rain days we always say that the patrons who show up are hard core faire lovers. These people obviously want to be there if they are slogging about in the mud and rain for faire. They don't care about muddy boots and wet clothes and they still manage to have fun in the rain.

After this weekend I have determined that bitter cold and rain means that no one will actually have a good time. Not even my die hard regulars were chipper and smiling when they came into my shop. I saw more life out of people when it was insufferably hot and so humid you felt like you needed a snorkel to breath.

The cold is just miserable and adding wet into the scenario is just cruel. We shivered. They shivered. Our teeth chattered. Their teeth chattered. We grumpily huddled against the wind and so did they. Smiling, chatting, shopping, being pleasant all went out the window as the wind blew in. It was miserable.

Thankfully the forecast is showing pleasant weather for our final weekend. After all the unpleasant weather conditions we have suffered through this season I would say we are due. It will be nice for everyone to be able to actually enjoy their faire experience.


  1. So glad better weather is in the forecast. Cold makes me miserable too!

  2. I live in Texas for a reason. I shouldn't have to deal with all this cold nonsense.