Monday, November 25, 2013

Things to love about the cold

Things I love on a cold night:

- A warm fuzzy blanket or three wrapped around me.

- The smell of home cooked food simmering on the stove (tonight it is collard greens).

- A purring kitten (if you have read many of my things I love/like/make me happy you will see a recurring theme here).

- TV I enjoy (not necessarily good TV mind you).

- Puppy snores.

- How the husbeast always gets super silly when their is a chill in the air.

- Going to bed under the big down comforter and snuggling up with the husbeast on one side and at least two cats on the other side.

- The way the sound of the wind seems so much crisper and clearer outside.

- The smell of chimney smoke on the air from neighbors lighting fires in their fireplaces.

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