Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Flitting away

Day before a holiday weekend and I have all the focus of an ADD squirrel. I am fairly certain at this point I have had a dozen brilliant ideas for posts which stayed in my brain for less than a minute before they were consumed by thoughts of looking up recipes, packing, lunch, candy crush, facebook, my neighbors talking, a song I really like on my Pandora, or you know something like breathing.

There is no real point at trying to focus. I can't focus on work either. I am not really sure why I am here other than I am told I have to be. I know in theory we are getting off early, so I am just sort of sitting around waiting for that to happen while poking at some work items.

Basically I am completely useless today.

I am completely alright with this. I will happily flit from one thought to another until it is time to go home where I will flit from one project to another. Days like this were made for flitting.

So I say unto you, my lovely minions, go and flit about on this most flitty of days. Flit and flounce and fly!

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