Monday, November 4, 2013

The importance of proper panties

Saturday as I was sitting in my shop watching the faire pass by my shop doors, my attention was drawn to a young lady dressed as a fox. Honestly I see so many people dressed as so many things that saying I saw a girl dressed like a fox does not phase me in the least and really shouldn't even catch my attention. Even with all the T.A.R.D.I.S and kilt wearing storm troopers, and gumbys running around, it was this fox girl that caught my attention.

Really it wasn't the fact that she was dressed as a fox that left a lasting memory. That in itself was nothing spectacular. She had on fuzzy fox ears, and a bushy fox tail, and a little fuzzy red dress and matching boots. She was a sexy fox, or at least I am sure that is what the package said when she bough it.

What really caught my attention was how incredibly uncomfortable she was with her choice in costuming for the day. As she came shuffling into my shop she had one hand (with glass of mead) pressed to the front of her incredibly short skirt, and the other hand pressed to the back of the skirt. Apparently she had not counted on there being any sort of wind at faire and her undergarments were not appropriate to be flashing everyone and their brother.

She was obviously completely uncomfortable in her role of sluttysexy fox. Most of the women who come dressed in next to nothing don't seem to care when a stiff breeze blows up what barely passes for a skirt and shows off what barely passes for underwear. This girl was not one of those women.

I just can't imagine how she wouldn't have realized that wearing a skirt that could only barely cover her backside and was labeled as 'sexy' was probably not going to provide the best coverage, especially when walking around outdoors in broad daylight. I mean you would think she would at least wear some sort of underwear that would save her dignity if she chose to sit down, or bend down to pick something up, or the wind decided to blow.

Of course I can't imagine wearing anything like that outside the house. Sure I wear a corset that gives me epic cleavage and have had more pictures taken of my boobs in the last decade than a playboy centerfold, but you never see any of my naughty bits. I leave far more to the imagination than I would ever show to the world. My cleavage may say "I have no eyes" but those 'sluttysexy' costumes tend to say "I have no dignity".

Honestly though, if you have the confidence to wear something like that in public, more power to you. I may not want to do it, but if it makes you happy then I am certainly not going to tell you to stop. Be sexy, but own it if you are going to do it. Don't put on something that is going to show off your OhNo unless you are prepared for it to be seen.

And wear appropriate panties in case of wind.

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